Robbed of Love

By Brave Author B.D. Lawrence

February contains the following holidays or recognized days. Valentine’s Day. Holiday Hugs Day. Creative
Romance Month. National Mend a Broken Heart Month. Black Love Day. Self-Love Day. Madly in Love
with Me Day. Love Reset Day. National Love Your Pet Day. What if, while we’re determining ways to
romance or love that special someone in our lives or ourselves, we instead reached out and did
something for those people, especially young women, who feel that there is no one that loves them or
no one that could love them.

Tragically, so many young women are being trafficked for sex in this country and around the world. By
the way, February 1 was Abolition of Slavery Day. And sex trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery.
Young women are being robbed of love. The animals who traffic them, the perverts who pay to have sex
with them, steal any love these young women have and for many ever will have.

On the rise is the use of social media to do what is called online grooming. Predators use the guise of
love to lure victims into their traps. They are adept at finding those kids lacking love in their life. The
groomer will tell young girls how pretty they are, how wonderful they are and how they’d like to meet
them. These predators are even willing to fly a girl to their town to meet them in person. Often the girl
ends up in a foreign country and is sold for sex.

In my book, An Angel and a One-Armed Man, Lefty Bruder wades through the swamp of sex trafficking
in St. Louis trying to find a young woman who has been lured into the life because she was searching for
love. Angel is trapped in sex trafficking by a pimp who supplies what Angel is missing in her life. He
manipulates her and entraps her and then uses her on the streets. This happened in person. But online
trafficking is becoming more and more prevalent. It’s insidious, often hidden, and dangerous to kids of
all ages.

Sex trafficking is not something that happens over there, in other countries. It happens everywhere. It
happens within all segments of society. It’s happening in your hometown. Rescue America estimates
that in the United States, there are more points of sale for sex than there are Starbucks coffee shops.
There are many organizations on the front lines fighting sex trafficking. I support one called The Phoenix
Dream Center. There’s Operation Underground Railroad (the movie Sound of Freedom was about the
founder). Exodus Road. Rescue America. And many more.

There are authors portraying sex trafficking as it really is. Please support those authors. Read their
books. Understand how awful this lifestyle is. Understand that way over ninety-percent of girls we call
prostitutes are not doing that by their choice. I have reviews of several books that feature protagonists
fighting against sex trafficking. Links are below.

It’s heartening to see this topic taken on by brave authors, exposing this evil and insidious crime. Please
support those brave authors by leaving reviews and telling them you appreciate the difficult topic
they’ve chosen to write about. And don’t support those authors who glorify prostitution or portray it
incorrectly. My One-Armed Detective series features Lefty Bruder, an ex-cop now private eye who
specializes in rescuing girls from sex trafficking. The books in the series are A Vigilante and a Two-Armed
, An Angel and a One-Armed Man, and The Coyote and a One-Armed Man.
Other authors – links to my reviews:

Cali’s Hope and Moonlight Awakens by John Matthew Walker.
The Water Keeper, The Letter Keeper, and The Record Keeper by Charles Martin.
Into the Flames by Liz Bradford
Murder Board by Brian Shea
Save the Girls by Terry Toler

B.D. Lawrence

Favorite superheroes: Batman and The Punisher. Not himself imbued with super powers, he prefers superheroes also handicapped with only human abilities.

Some of his favorite movies: The Outlaw Josey Wales, Man on Fire, and the Star Wars collection. Ordinary people thrust into extraordinary situations. People seeking justice, or is it vengeance, yet finding redemption along the way.

Ironically, B.D. Lawrence’s worst subject in high school was English. But as an adult, sitting in a master’s level computer programming class, daydreaming about vigilantes, he decided to give writing a try. Four unpublished novels later (don’t worry, they’ll be reworked and will surface someday) he’s decided to plunge into the deep abyss of publishing. Well, book publishing anyway.

B.D. Lawrence has published more than twenty-five short stories some time ago in magazines that probably no longer exist. Many of these stories featured the themes of justice, vengeance, and redemption. Many of which will be available on this site, reworked and updated.

The Lefty Bruder novels center around a major worldwide problem that seems to get little press attention. Human Trafficking. Wanting to help in some way, B.D. Lawrence wants to give away half of his profits from Lefty Bruder book sales to organizations that help fight against this scourge.

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  1. Lefty Bruder is such a great character. The way Lawrence uses his stories and characters to bring attention to the real-life trauma of sex trafficking is amazing. Lawrence is a talented author!

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