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Anchored Hearts

Today on the Brave Blog, I’m interviewing Jullie Arduini, whose current series deals with trauma and addiction. Welcome to the Brave Blog, Julie! Read to the end to see how you can enter to win a copy of one of Julie’s books.

Sarah: Who’s the bravest person you know? Why?

Julie: Although she’s no longer alive, my mother. Her mom died when she was seven, and my grandfather was not equipped to raise her. She was passed among her much older siblings who at the time resented it because they were just getting started in their lives. Before she was an adult she also lost 2 siblings. She worked, went to high school, and was a caregiver for her nieces and nephews. When she married my dad he had an 8th grade education and was also passed on to siblings when younger. There was alcoholism in both their backgrounds, and then in the marriage with my dad. Yet, Mom fought for her family in an era when rehab wasn’t known or certainly not trendy. My parents were married for over 30 years, retired with administrator positions, and raised two girls who both graduated college. Mom faced rejection, grief and adversity her whole life. She never quit.

Sarah: Wow, that’s inspiring. How incredible to have that heritage. Do you consider yourself brave? Why or why not?

Julie: On my own strength, no. But I’ve been obedient to say yes to situations that were not easy or fun when I had zero idea how it would turn out. God has been faithful.

Sarah: Tell us more about yourself. What are 3 things about you that we can’t find out from your bio?

Julie: I love the Fast and Furious franchise and that makes no sense given the thin plot and suspension of belief! I love to mentor women of all ages and serve in both youth group and women’s ministry at my church. I was born on Good Friday with tornado warnings.

Sarah: Those are fun facts. If you could take the place of any of your characters, which one would you choose? Why?

Julie: This is like asking if I have a favorite child, LOL! If I had to pick, I think Jenna Anderson. She left everything she knew in Ohio to start a new job in the Adirondack Mountains with only one phone interview. She was scared but refused to let anyone in her new zip code know, especially Ben Regan. She loved the Adirondacks as much as I do.

Sarah: That sounds interesting. Which book of yours was your favorite to write? Why?

Julie: Repairing Hearts. It surprised me because I thought it would be difficult given the reality show plot. However, once I started, the characters came alive and the conflict was easy to manufacture. I had a lot of technical issues (my puppy jumped on my laptop and broke the screen).

Sarah: Oh, no! Not a broken computer. That’s one of a writer’s worst nightmares. Glad you persevered through that one. Which book of yours was the hardest to write? Why?

Julie: Anchored Hearts. It was the first book in my current series featuring the Hart sextuplets, and the surrender issue was about control. I thought I was used to God taking me through the issue first, but as I started to write, my mom became ill and I left my family to take care of her. It was “only” two months and “only” 300 miles away, but it was so difficult. My mom was a dynamo and to see her frail and not be able to take away her pain or the pain my family was going through nearly broke me.

Sarah: That sounds stressful and heartbreaking. I’m sure what you went through served to strengthen your writing along with your character. Now, for a lighter question. Do you enjoy writing in third person or first person better? Past or present tense?

Julie: That’s a great question. Although I’m used to third person/past tense, I have recently read some books that were first person, present tense and it made me miss writing that so much. My first series, Surrendering Time, was first person, present tense, and the heroine had such a strong voice.

Sarah: Who has helped you grow the most as a writer?

Julie: The critique groups I participate in through ACFW. They have been so patient with me as I learned showing vs telling, adding detail instead of writing for news like I was used to, etc…I’m still learning but they have been the best.

Sarah: Excellent. What is the biggest piece of advice you’d give to someone who wants to write their first book?

Julie: Two pieces. Form a prayer team and BIC. BIC was what I was told, and it stands for “butt in chair.” You can ask all the questions about the process but if you haven’t written anything, the other stuff doesn’t matter. I believe a prayer team is essential, no matter your experience level or stage of writing.

Sarah: Great advice. What are you working on now?

Julie: Building Hearts, Book 3 in Surrendering Hearts. Each Hart sextuplet gets their own surrender story, and now it’s Evan’s turn. He’s always wanted the spotlight, and now with the family reality show, Building with the Harts, he’s not sure it’s the life he wants to lead. It’s a small-town romance with the Christian surrender theme of identity.

That sounds fresh and fun, yet meaningful. Thank you so much for joining us on the Brave Blog.

Julie is giving away a Kindle copy of Anchored Hearts to one US Winner. To enter, comment below. A random winner will be chosen on Monday, 3/4/24.

Anchored Hearts

Anchored Hearts (Book 1 of the Surrendering Hearts Series)

Can two go-getters surrender their need to control and find a happily-ever-after?

Jordyn Bell Hart succeeds in everything she does. Her promotion to morning show co-anchor blossoms her career in the same way her mother’s work had. Jordyn keeps tabs on her family and enjoys helping them grow. When life around her starts to change, can she surrender her desire to control?

Spencer Collins knows how to balance a busy life. He has his work as a reporter, his time caregiving for his grieving father, and looking out for his little brother. When he learns he’s the new co-anchor of a morning show with Jordyn Hart, can he handle working with a celebrity who brings a lot of challenges to life on and off the set?

Julie Arduini

Julie Arduini loves to encourage readers to find freedom in Christ by surrendering the good, the bad, and —maybe one day—the chocolate. She’s the author of the small town romance Surrendering Hearts series (ANCHORED HEARTS, REPAIRING HEARTS) featuring Christian surrender themes. She has another romance series, Surrendering Time (Entrusted, Entangled, and Engaged).

Her stand-alone romances include the Christian novella MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN and the inspirational novella, RESTORING CHRISTMAS.

She also wrote a series with her daughter for tween and teen girls as well as women of all ages. Surrendering Stinkin’ Thinkin’ (YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL, YOU’RE AMAZING, and YOU’RE BRILLIANT) feature a chapter from a mentor’s journey, and then a chapter from the younger female, both believing the same lie about themselves. “This belongs in every church, school, and library.”—Amazon review.

Julie blogs both on her own site and for Christians Read. Follow her on Link Tree to learn more.

She lives in Ohio with her husband and daughter.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your mom, Julie. She sounds like an amazing person. May she rest in peace. Jenna Anderson is a brave character. The book description for Anchored Hearts is intriguing!

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