A Raffle Event from R.F. Whong


I’m full of gratitude. My last book, Blazing China (family saga), reached Amazon’s #1 new
release in Asian Literature in August 2023 and #1 overall ranking in its category on 10/1/2023.
To my delight, Blazing China recently received its 100th global rating on Amazon.
Amazingly, my new release, Prestige of Hearts (a thrilling romance novel), also reached
Amazon’s #1 new release in Asian Literature on 3/25/2024.
Thank you very much for your support.

As a small token of appreciation, I’m planning a raffle event for my readers. If you are
interested, please take a moment to review the following Q&A section.

  1. When is the raffle event?
    Answer: The draw is set for 6/28/2024, with winners listed on my website
    at www.ruthforchrist.com. I’ll confirm the winners’ email addresses and send out the $50
    Amazon gift cards by email before 6/30/2024.
  2. What are the odds of winning the raffle?
    Answer: Since my reader list is relatively small, the chances of winning a gift card are high.
  3. How do I participate in the raffle?
    ● Leave a brief review (a few sentences will do) on Amazon.com and
    Goodreads.com for any of my books (links shown below).
    ● Recommend the books to your book clubs.
    ● Share the books with your online community (e.g., Avid Readers of Christian
    Fiction on Facebook).
    ● Ask your local library to order a copy.
    ● Discuss the books with your friends.
    It would be much appreciated if you could kindly send me a note (to ruth@ruthforchrist.com)
    about your activities (e.g., you’ve posted a review) before 6/27/2024. I’ll add your email to the
    For your convenience, here are the book links:
    Blazing China (family saga): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CD9P49HW
    Detour to Agape (contemporary romance): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CD9P29GJ
    The Way We Forgive (women’s fiction): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BQ5LNLNB
    Prestige of Hearts: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CV4FL3CH
    Note: My books don’t fall into the Christian fiction category, although they all convey messages
    about God’s salvation plan through Jesus Christ. I follow the “less is more” principle, but readers
    sensitive to sexual situations may find Blazing China and Detour to Agape unsuitable, as they
    contain scenes intended to portray characters’ attitudes towards sexual morality.
    Thank you again for your support.
Ruth WuWong

Author bio:
Dr. Ruth Wuwong (PhD in biochemistry, MBA in finance) has published 120+ scientific books
and papers (under her legal name) and a few Christian fiction books (Love at the Garden Tomb,
The Way We Forgive, Blazing China, and Detour to Agape, under R. F. Whong). She lives in the
Midwest with her husband, a retired pastor. They served together at three churches from 1987 to 2020. Her grown son works in a nearby city.
She currently runs a small biotech company (www.vidasym.com) and has raised more than
twenty million US dollars during the past few years for Vidasym.
In addition to her weekly newsletter and the platform (www.ruthforchrist.com), she’s active in
several writers’ groups, including ACFW, Word Weavers, Facebook, and Goodreads. Through
these connections, she plans newsletter/promotion swaps with others and has writers endorse her
books, write forewords, and host her on guest blogs.

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