Why Brave Authors?


   Brave – Courageous; bold; daring; intrepid; fearless of danger; as a brave warrior. It usually unites the sense of courage with generosity and dignity of mind; qualities often united. The brave man will not deliberately do an injury to his fellow man. (Websters Dictionary 1828)

   All authors are brave. To write a book, you slice open your heart and bleed onto the page. You open yourself up to all types of criticism. Our books are our babies, but we don’t keep them to ourselves. We showcase them to the world and hope people don’t call them ugly. I’m not sure there’s such a thing as a wimpy author.

   Brave Authors is not an elitist group of authors who think we’re better than everyone else. We’re simply a group who writes about topics with grit. We’ve banded together because we believe the world needs our stories. Not just our stories. Thank God for all types of books. We are thankful for lighter reads when we want a break from heavier topics. In fact, not every book written by a Brave Author might be classified as a Brave Story. Our website highlights the books we’ve written that delve into Brave topics, but if you visit each author’s individual website, you might find other books that don’t cover those themes.

   But each Brave Author is committed to highlighting the gospel and God’s story of redemption. We feel God has put it on our hearts to show how He turns ashes into beauty. To do that, our stories have to go to some pretty tough places. We must venture into the thick of the messy human experience if we want to show how far God’s grace can reach. Light shines in the darkness.

   If you’re hungry for a read that is real, powerful, redemptive, and even life-changing, check out books by the Brave Authors. We cover a variety of genres and styles. Feel free to explore and find the right fit for you.

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